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Types of therapy

Counselling Psychology

Counselling psychology is a branch of psychology specialising in psychological therapy. It blends the latest research including developmental psychology and neuroscience with their implications for psychological therapy. The therapy places as central, what shaped us with the implications of this now and considers the therapeutic relationship as key in achieving change for the better.


Psychotherapy originated with a focus on unconscious aspects of our personalities. It is an approach that fits with people who want to understand themselves more and use this understanding to improve their lives in areas of work, relationships, etc.

Other approaches have been developed including cognitive behavioural and dynamic interpersonal therapy (DIT). These are less intensive but also very effective.

I use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Jungian analytic therapy, psychodynamic, person centred and existential and an integration of these; as well as Dynamic Interpersonal therapy (DIT). This allows me to adapt the therapy to your needs. How to work and what on in the therapy will be a joint decision between you and me. We can both develop new insights and we can change behaviours and thinking. These theoretical influences which undeprin my practice involve a very optimistic view of what can emerge from human struggles and difficulties, including that the unconscious mind contains its own wisdom to find a way forward. And that you equally impact me the therapist.